The Ultimate Fool!

Romans 623

THE ULTIMATE FOOL! (a conversation I just had with someone)

The God who created you and the God that you will one day stand before, He is GOOD, JUST & TRUE. The Bible calls it a foolish thing to look at the creation of the world and to declare that there is no God. The evidence stares us in the face & yet so many of us refuse to acknowledge Him or His wonderful works. The Bible also says that the reason we refuse to acknowledge Him, is that we love our sin.

I don’t care to win a debate about God, because it’s not up for debate, not for you and not for me. We have all broken His commands. We know in our hearts that lying is wrong, stealing, adultery, using God’s name in vain. Yet we have all done it knowing it was wrong. Jesus said that hating someone is the same crime as Murder and that looking with lust is judged as SEX outside of marriage. Someone who breaks the laws of the land is guilty, just like the one who breaks God’s laws. The wages of sin is death (payment for our sin) is DEATH. The verdict has been reached & you and I are guilty.

There is only one way to be saved. You broke God’s holy laws, the penalty for you and I is eternal wrath. Just like someone who commits a serious crime on earth, they must serve the sentence. To commit a serious crime on earth carries a maximum of a LIFE sentence, because a life-sentence is all one human can give another. To commit a crime against an eternal God demands an eternal sentence. One that we would all serve if it had not been for Jesus. Yes, God Himself took on our sin and personally paid the sentence for us. DEATH.

The Bible says that God is faithful and JUST to forgive us and clear us from all our crimes. Faithful because He will do what He says and Just because the DEBT has been paid for in FULL. This Means that God maintains a JUST court system while at the same time acquitting guilty sinners. Christ became SIN for YOU! So that you could be released from your own prison and be free from the sentence that the LAW had you under. If you repent of your sin, God will instantly drop the charges and grant you eternal LIFE.