Hidden Talent and Mistaken Identity

Misjudgment of the Master Many people have heard the parable of the talents, about how the master of a property went away and gave one, two, and five talents to three of his servants. Maybe you know essentially how the story goes, that two servants doubled the master’s money and one did nothing with what he was given? Well, that’s the foam on top of the latte but have you ever sat down and drank the whole cup? What I mean is, have you looked up close at the details of what happened to each servant and why? Let me explain to you why misjudgment of the master is the seed which produces the consequence of the third servant being called “wicked and slothful”. First of all, here is the text from Matthew 25:14-30: [The Parable of the Talents] [14] “For it will be like a man going on a […]