Sex, Marriage, Fairytales || Spoken Word

Jefferson Bethke – Sex, Marriage, Fairytales || Spoken Word – Lyrics [youtube] Sex Marriage and Fairytales Words: When a video like this comes out many people will want to be able to read and evaluate the words. Here are the words to Jefferson Bethke’s new spoken word poem called, Sex, Marriage, &  Fairytales. Disney Movies and Chick Flicks they put us in a weird position, They’ve distorted our reality because we forget they are actually fiction. Because in marriage we either get better or bitter, either joy or remorses, What we’re doing isn’t working just look at the rate of the divorces. So how’s your marriage? I mean common let’s be honest, It seams more like a prison than the paradise they were promised. We thought marriage was supposed to fulfil us and make us happy not lonely, But the truth is God’s main purpose is making you holy. You say, no one told me, it feels so odd, Where dating […]