A Plan for Peace: From Creation to the Cross

What Peace? When God created the world he created it with peace in mind. From the moment he breathed the words, “Let there be light” he had a plan, a plan for peace. When I think of all the ways I’ve heard people talk about the concept of peace (world peace, Greenpeace, peace of mind, etc.) I wonder how on earth the people who wrote Webster’s dictionary could narrow down a definition of the word. And in fact, they didn’t. They have five definitions listed for the word peace. I remember my dramatic debut as the angel in our church Christmas pageant who proclaimed, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men!” (See Shane’s post “Jesus brings Division” for more on this verse). This is a favorite Christmas verse and frequently misquoted to mean that God desires peace among men. What kind of peace were the angels really announcing? They were declaring […]