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UPDATE October 26, 2011:
On behalf of Ray Comfort and the rest of the Living Waters team, thank you!

Yesterday’s “Project: 180” effort went exceptionally well.  While some of our teams did face considerable opposition from school administrators, security, and police (with four members of one team being cited for trespassing), by and large the opposition was light.

Teams spent anywhere from 30 minutes to 11 hours on their respective campuses.  Talk about a “don’t quit!” spirit and perseverance!  I could be more proud and honored to serve alongside each of you.  Thank you!

The testimonies we are receiving from you, as well as emails we are receiving from college students around the country, indicates that your efforts are making and will continue to make an impact not only on the various campuses, but in the lives of students as well.

We are still waiting to hear from nine teams.  It appears that of the 200,000 DVDs given to teams in the United States and Canada, approximately 180,000 were distributed.

This means there are thousands of DVDs are still out there—DVDs that need to be put into the hands of the lost

Today was a very big day for http://180movie.com. Teams from all over USA and Canada distributed over 200,000 180 Movie DVDs at approximately 115 different campuses. 180Movie has been views over 1 Million times on YouTube in under 1 month which is a record for a 33 min video. Today could be the turning point fo North America. Please see the list of schools below. If you would like to be part of a distribution please go to http://heartchanger.com and send in an email

University of Calgary    Canada… 600
Mount Royal University    Calgary Canada… 600
The University Of Alabama    Birmingham     AL    USA… 1,000
The University Of Alabama (U of A)    Tuscaloosa    AL…. 1,000
Northern Arizona University    Flagstaff    AZ    USA… 3,000
Arizona State University    Pheonix    AZ    USA… 3,000
University of Arizona     Tucson     AZ    USA… 3,000
California State University Bakersfield    Bakersfield    CA    USA… 1,000
UC Berkeley    Berkeley    CA    USA    Daniel Beaudoin… 1,600
UC Davis    Davis    CA    USA    Ed Crenshaw…. 3,000
Cerritos College    Cerritos/Norwalk    CA    USA…. 1,000
Chico state    Chico    CA    USA    Paul Kaiser… 600
Glendale Community College    Glendale    CA    USA… 600
UC Irvine    Irvine    CA    USA… 1,000
Cal State Long Beach    Long Beach    CA      USA… 1,600
UCLA    Los Angeles     CA    USA    3,000
USC    Los Angeles     CA    USA    2,000
San Bernardino Valley College    San Bernadino    CA    USA   1,000
Cal State San Bernardino    San Bernadino    CA    USA  1,600
Cal State Northridge    Northridge    CA    USA   1,000
Pasadena City College    Pasadena    CA     USA 1,000
RCC    Riverside    CA    USA    Greg Sandova 1,000
UCR     Riverside    CA    USA    Warren Disney 5,000
Shasta College    Redding    CA    USA 1,000
Simpson University    Redding    CA    USA 1,600
San Jose State    San Jose    CA    USA 1,000
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University     San Luis Obispo    CA    USA  1,000
College of the Canyons    Valencia    CA    USA 1,000
Victor Valley College    Victorville    CA    USA 1,000
Mount San Antonio College    Walnut    CA    USA 1,000
Colorado University-Boulder    Boulder    CO    USA 3,000
University of Northern Colorado    Greeley    CO    USA  1,000
Colorado State University    Fort Collins    CO    USA 2,600
Univ of Florida Gainsville    Gainesville / Jacksonville    FL     USA 3,000
Florida Inst of Technology     Melbourne     FL    USA 1,000
Brevard Community College     Melbourne    FL    USA 1,000
University of Central Florida    Orlando    FL    USA 5,000
UWF    Pensacola     FL    USA    2,000
University South Florida (USF)    Tampa    FL    USA 5,000
University of Georgia       Athens    GA    USA 2,000
Emory University    Atlanta    GA    USA 1,000
Georgia Tech    Atlanta     GA    USA 2,000
Southern Polytechnic Institute     Marietta     GA    USA 1,000
Kennesaw State University    Kennesaw    GA    USA 2,000
Boise State University    Boise     ID    USA 3,000
University Of Chicago    Chicago    IL    USA 1,600
University of Illinois at Chicago    Chicago    IL    USA 1,600
Illinois State University     Normal    IL    USA 2,000
IUPUI    Indianapolis    IN    USA 1,000
University of Kentucky    Lexington     KY    USA 2,600
Southeastern Louisiana University    Hammond    LA    USA 1,600
University of Maryland     College Park    MD    USA  5,000
UMBC    Baltimore    MD    USA 1,600
Montgomery College    Rockville    MD    USA 1,000
University of Maine    Gorham    ME    USA 600
University of Maine    Portland     ME    USA 600
University of Michigan     Ann Arbor    MI    USA 2,000
Michigan State University    East Lansing     MI    USA 3,000
Grand Valley State University    Grand Rapids     MI    USA 1,000
Western Michigan University    Kalamazoo    MI    USA 1,600
University of Minnesota    Twin Cities    MN    USA 2,000
Central Lakes College    Brainard    MN    USA 1,000
Washington University     St. Louis    MO    USA 2,000
Missouri State University    Springfield     MO    USA 5,000
Ozark Tech Springfield College    Springfield
Jackson State University    Jackson    MS    USA 600
University of North Carolina    Chapel Hill    NC    USA 2,000
North Carolina State    Raleigh    NC    USA 2,000
Western North Carolina University     Cullowhee    NC     USA 1,000
Elizabeth City State University     Elizabeth City    NC    USA 1,000
Fayetteville Community College    Fayetteville    NC    USA 1,000
Fayetteville Tech. College    Fayetteville    NC    USA 1,000
University of New Mexico    Alburquerque    NM    USA 1,000
Rutgers University East Brunswick    Brunswick    NJ    USA 1,600
New Jersey City University    Jersey City    NJ    USA 1,000
UNLV    Las Vegas    NV    USA 3,000
State University of NY (Oswego )    Oswego    NY    USA 1,000
Syracuse University    Syracuse    NY    USA  2,000
Coquille High School    Coquille     OR    USA 400
Portland State University    Portland    OR    USA 1,100
Columbus State Community College    Columbus    OH    USA 600
Ohio State University    Columbus    OH    USA 3,000
Baldwin Wallace     Berea    OH    USA 600
Kent State University    North Canton    OH     USA 1,000
Stark State College    North Canton    OH    USA  1,000
University of Cincinati    Cincinati    OH    USA 1,400
University of Oklahoma    Norman    OK    USA  2,000
University of Western Ontario    London     ONT    Canada  3,000
University of Pennsylvania    Philadelphia    PA    USA 1,600
University of Pittsburgh    Pittsburgh    PA    USA 3,000
CMU    Pittsburgh    PA    USA 600
University of South Carolina    Columbia    SC    USA 3,000
South Dakota School of Mines     Rapid City     SD    USA 2,000
Black Hills Uuniversity     Spearfish     SD     USA 600
Tennessee Tech University    Cookeville    TN    USA 600
ETSU- East Tennessee State University     Johnson City     TN    USA 3,000
Belmont University    Nashville    TN    USA 600
Vanderbilt University    Nashville    TN    USA 1,000
University of Tennessee    Knoxville    TN    USA 1,000
Texas A&M    College Station    TX    USA 1,600
University of Texas     Austin    TX    USA 4,000
University of Texas     Arlington    TX    USA  3,000
University of North Texas    Denton     TX    USA 2,600
Texas Women’s University    Denton     TX    USA 5,000
Rice University    Houston     TX    USA 400
Collin Community College (3 Campuses)    McKinney    TX    USA 1,600
Old Dominion University     Chesapeake    VA    USA 4,000
Virginia Commonwealth University    Richmond    VA    USA 1,000
University of Washington    Tacoma     WA    USA 2,000
University of Washington    Seattle    WA    USA 5,000
Marshall University    Huntington     WV    USA 2,000
WV State University    South Charleston    WV    USA 2,000
Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Otago        NEW ZEALAND 10,000
Milwaukee    WI    USA    James Brunner                WI        USA 1,000
Shepherd University    Shepherdstown    WV    3,000

There may be a few numbers off in there, if you are from that location and you see them, please let me know.
Also we want to hear feedback so PLEASE LEAVE SOME comments below and let us know if you were involved or if you would like to be more involved in the future drops:-) Thanks

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE_atVBYdyY&w=420&h=315]

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJkMx_CtiHY&w=420&h=315]

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