Moment of Truth – A Rhyme by Shane Martin


I LIKE people who SPEAK the TRUTH, who are FEARLESS of what is said about them,
I LIKE people who PREACH the GOSPEL including God’s wrath and judgement but are careful they don’t condemn men.
I LIKE people who hold to TRUTH over Popularity,
I LIKE people who aren’t afraid to WALK ALONE in the world even when it means they will forfeit prosperity.
I LIKE people who TEACH the scriptures in CONTEXT rather than making up their own interpretation,
I LIKE people who aren’t AFRAID to say ABORTION is MURDER instead of trying to protect their denomination.
I LIKE people who risk it all and Consider that SUFFERING is part of the CALL.
I LIKE people who LOVE & PRAY for their HATERS instead of retaliating like some young punk skaters.
I LIKE people who are SO HEAVENLY MINDED that the WORLD does not deserve them.
I LIKE people who are willing to be murdered on a TREE so that Criminals LIKE You and ME can be FREE!

You See I couldn’t SPEAK the TRUTH and I was completely FEARFUL,
I used to apologize for the Severity of the GOSPEL; I found ways to tug on people’s emotions I could even make them feel tearful.
I wanted Popularity over TRUTH and was afraid to be HATED,
I used to LOVE the scriptures read out-of-context to fit my self-centered LIFEstyle which happened to be X-RATED.
I could never call ABORTION murder because I didn’t want people to feel Guilty,
I used to reject the notion of SUFFERING and even called that type of Gospel FILTHY.
I used to HATE my HATERS and LOVE those with popularity,
I used to think that HEAVENLY minded people had anything but sincerity.
I was never willing to SUFFER and die for a friend let alone an ENEMY.
I had a Christian front it was appalling, that was UNTIL the DAY MY SAVIOUR CAME CALLING.
Now every time I tell my story it’s not me,
but God who get’s the GLORY!

Written by: Shane Martin

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