Do it all for the glory of God

Grasping The Gospel: The other day we were at costco trying to get some shopping finished in a hurry and had grabbed some books for the kids to look at while we scurried around. As we were checking out, Max (our son) asked if we could buy the coloring book he had been looking at. Normally we would go through each page and see if it was appropriate, but for some reason we agreed to to purchase it and away we went. Our blunder that could have caused our little one to stumble turned out to be for the Glory of God, both through our repentance and Max’s developing discernment.

The very next day Max who is one week away from 6 years old, was coloring in this new prize book of his, after he had spent about 30 minutes on one page with a lot of excellent detail, he turned to Danae and said “Mommy, if the Bible says ‘whatever you eat, whatever you drink and whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God’, can I really color a picture of a bad guy for the glory of God?” (picture was of the baby from “The Incredible’s” who turns into a rather evil looking baby). Wow, what a moment, Danae instantly went down to see him and quickly repented for not properly screening what he was looking at. After spending all that time coloring, Max ripped out the picture and threw it in the trash.

Thanking God for moments where we catch a glimpse of our little ones actually thinking about doing stuff for the Glory of God, not just a list of do’s and dont’s. The Gospel is sinking in and we are grateful. He is still a sinner in need of the Saviour as we all are, but we rejoice in the fruit we see.

Here are a few resources we are using to help teach our children the Gospel:

Music: Seeds Worship
Bible: The Action Bible
Books: Pilgrim’s Progress
Book we are reading: Shepherding a Child’s Heart

This clearly isn’t a post to brag about how well we are doing, but rather to give God praise for His goodness toward us. At the end of the day, we are far from finished raising our children, we have made an exorbitant amount of mistakes, and yet we pray, trust and hope in God’s Sovereign power to draw and call each and every one of them by name.

The Challenge: As we go throughout our day, think about this; Can I eat this, drink this or even do this for the glory of God? If not, who cares how long we’ve been doing something, rip it out and throw it in the trash.

Grace & Peace
Shane Martin