DEATH TO “YOLO” – You Only Live Once

“This new Generation of teens is referred to as “YOLO” (You Only Live Once). The enemy of our souls would love for us to believe that we would only live once. The truth is that for those who are enslaved to sin and without freedom from Christ there is no life at all. Temporary relief from the pain of this world is all they can hope to have.

Have you ever heard someone say “I feel like my life is a roller-coaster? That’s what you call living for the moment, and when the moment provides temporary relief and distraction from the reality of sin, bondage and life’s pain, they feel good. Inevitably that feeling does not last long and they usually find themselves in the pitts either looking for the next feel good thrill to fill up the thirst tank or they wish they could end it all. Our culture is so ingrained with “YOLO” that we are always anticipating something to come that will give us the feeling that life is great.

The Bible says that we are to Be Still and know that HE is GOD. This is something that can only be found in knowing Christ, tasting His goodness, drinking from His well & feasting at His table.

There is a way that seems right to a man and it’s end is death. I say “Death to YOLO” and we start living like there is something much greater than this life, something infinitely greater than anything the world has to offer at it’s wells, someone infinitely greater than you or I.

To drink from the wells of this life in hopes of finding true joy is like drinking from a contaminated, diseased filled puddle in Africa. When organizations go into remote villages in Africa and tell them that the water they are drinking is killing them they can’t believe it, they have no idea it is killing them, sure they can tell it’s dirty but they do not know that it’s one of the leading causes of death in their children. When an organization such as the “water school” goes into these villages they teach the people what is killing their kids and then offer them hope with a solution to the problem. If they simply offered the solution without instruction on the disease and the cause they would undoubtedly reject the solution because it would seem that is was an additional pointless effort for an already physically and emotionally strained people. However, once they realize what is killing them they joyfully abandon drinking water straight from puddles and start the two day process of purifying process and just like that lives are saved. Instruction and solution.

In many ways the church of today has abandoned the fresh water stream of the Gospel and started both drinking and serving glasses of dirty puddle water to others around them.

The Bible says that the LAW of God is our schoolmaster, in other-words the instructor who leads us to Christ. If we abandon the law of God we leave behind the only definite instructor that we have been given by God. The abandonment of the Law of God in our culture has lead us to “YOLO”. Without the law teaching us how dirty the puddles we are drinking from really are, how can we ever thirst after pure water? If we as the church have left this behind what hope does the world have? NONE!

Jesus is the HOPE of the world, pure drinking water comes from Him alone, the Law leads us to that fountain because it teaches us that what we are drinking is KILLING us and we keep thirsting for more of it. Once our blind eyes pop open through the reflection of God’s Law we thirst for the truth of JESUS CHRIST “THE CURE” Jesus said if any one comes and drinks His water they will never thirst again? This may be the very reason we have so many thirsty people still in the church today, we haven’t abandoned the puddles and are still drinking filthy wretched water.

Repentance and placing all your hope and trust in JESUS CHRIST is the only Hope of the world. Romans 10 tells us that we are to take that fresh water to the world, let us no forget to bring the instruction tools along, for if we do not teach what’s killing them (through God’s holy law), then they will not see their need for the Savior.

Only the Law & the Gospel will bring DEATH TO “YOLO”

Grace & Peace, Shane Martin