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Opening Thoughts: An article was brought to my attention this morning in regard to Sex Selective Abortions in Canada. As a Canadian I’m sickened by the reality that every day over 300 babies are murdered by the free choice of their own parents while our wonderful health-care plan pays doctors to carry out this heinous act. I personally have one boy and two little girls and as I look at my two sweet little girls I think to myself, who in the world would say “I already have one of these let’s kill this one and try for a boy”? This is treating human life in the same manner as someone who get’s two slow cookers for their wedding then returns one (or worse yet smashes it) because they don’t need two! Really, is human life on the same level as a duplicate wedding gift? The fact that abortion is still legal in this country is absolutely gut-wrenching to me so I will not rest until I see some political movement toward defending the most innocent Canadian Citizens. I hear a lot of people these days saying that abortion is a gospel issue (which it is) and we shouldn’t be fighting a the battle of abortion in the natural but rather we should be gospel-ing people which will inevitably take care of the problem itself. However true that statement is, if I see someone beating up a child on the side walk I will not run over there and start preaching the gospel to them in hopes that they will stop beating the child. I will do whatever I can to stop this injustice then bring the gospel. I am not minimizing the gospel it should be preached everywhere all the time and all the while that we are fighting to end the nightmare we call pro-choice, because there is NOTHING PRO about that choice.


Below is part of an article about Sex Selective Abortions in Canada:

By Michel Viatteau:

MONTREAL — An editorial in a major Canadian medical journal Monday urges doctors to conceal the gender of a fetus from all pregnant women until 30 weeks to prevent sex-selective abortion by Asian immigrants.

A separate article in the same issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal warns that Canada has become “a haven for parents who would terminate female fetuses in favor of having sons” due to advanced prenatal testing and easy access to abortion.

“Female feticide happens in India and China by the millions, but it also happens in North America in numbers large enough to distort the male to female ratio in some ethnic groups,” said the editorial by interim editor-in-chief Rajendra Kale.

While few studies have been done to assess how frequent the practice may be among immigrant communities in Canada, the editorial points to research that suggests sex-selection is more common among immigrants from India, China, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines who already have at least one daughter.

It cites U.S. census data from 2000 that shows male-biased sex ratios among U.S.-born children of Asian parents, and a study of 65 Indian women in the U.S. from 2004-2009 that showed 89% of them terminated pregnancies with female fetuses.

Kale told AFP he believes that several hundred sex-selective abortions take place in Canada each year.

“Should female feticide in Canada be ignored because it is a small problem localized to minority ethnic groups? No,” said the editorial written by Kale, a Mumbai-born neurologist.

“The solution is to postpone the disclosure of medically irrelevant information to women until after about 30 weeks of pregnancy.”

Canada in 2004 outlawed fertility practices that would increase the likelihood that an embryo will be a certain sex, or that would identify an in-vitro embryo by sex for any reason other than to diagnose a sex-linked disorder or disease. …. READ MORE

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