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Opening thoughts: I have recently become involved in a project with the Living Waters team. This is something that I am both excited about and passionate about. Ray Comfort and the Living waters ministry has had an immense impact on my life over the past couple years. Through their ministry God has cleared away the fog from my eyes, over 32 years of being a blind to my sin, loving it and excusing it. God does not tolerate sin in the least, even to the smallest infraction of His Law He will carry out justice.  I am forever grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that God drew me, overcame my blindness and saved me. My response is to tell everyone of the good news of Jesus.

Pro-life Movie: 180Movie.com is a current project that Living Waters has just completed. Through this movie their goal is to save the lives of millions of babies that are being murdered in their mothers wombs every year. But that is not their only purpose, their main goal is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. What I love about Living Waters is that they aren’t simply social justice (as in: let’s only save babies) their bottom line is, let’s save souls from perishing for an eternity in hell. In an addition to changing people’s minds about abortion, we must make every effort to help change their minds about their eternal fate and their attitude toward God. To save a baby’s life and fail to administer the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the parents is a wasted opportunity. We must let the Gospel of Jesus be our driving force for anything and everything we do, from feeding hungry mouths, to saving babies, to hospital visiting, to rebuilding wrecked nations. If Jesus is not our main reason for our actions, then our social justice is just a form of pride and arrogance rather than true compassion. Let the Cross of Christ be your driving force in everything you do …. please go to 180 Movieand help spread the word to everyone you know…

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