180 Movie is Aborting Abortion

Hoping to see the day when Abortion itself is finally Aborted!

Opening Thoughts: Planned Parenthood will tell you that “Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the industry”, I have even heard that abortion is safer than child  birth itself? If that’s the case we should be thanking PP for saving so many lives, if it wasn’t for them think of how many women would have died having babies! Of course I’m being sarcastic, how stupid is that argument. The abortion industry is all about the money, they don’t care about how you feel after the procedure, their pro-choice agenda is built upon a billion dollar industry.

A Payday loan company doesn’t care that you have absolutely no money and that you will likely be paying them back for the rest of your life, they lend you money because they will make a ton of interest off your tough life and hard times.  A Night Club doesn’t care if you are going home to beat your wife, molest your kids, or if you go and kill someone on your way home after they sell you all the alcohol you can possibly drink. And the abortion doctors and counselors don’t care how much guilt you will feel, or if you will commit suicide following your abortion, the bottom line is the money they make.

The Payday Loaners need to keep you in debt, The bar needs to sell you a drink and the abortion clinic needs to murder your baby, because that’s how they make their money!

This post is not to compare a loan company to the abortion industry, because there is no comparison. Abortion destroys two human lives, it destroys the life of the mother and destroys the life of a beautiful baby that God was knitting together in his/her mothers womb.

Psalm 139:13 For You formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

Let’s think about this passage for a second. God is Knitting a baby together in mommies tummy when all of a sudden the very place of creation is invaded by a human doctor, who God also knitted together long ago, they destroy a very real human that God was busy knitting together. Let’s look at it in the terms of knitting, say granny is knitting you a sweater for Christmas and about 3 months into her efforts you walk into the room and decide that you don’t want granny to make you that sweater any longer. You grab it from her hand and tear it to shreds in front of her! That seams unthinkable. Yet this is exactly what’s happening with a precious human being that GOD is KNITTING together. Let’s call it what it is. Let’s stop calling abortion pro-choice, no-one should have the choice to destroy another human being  that God Himself is making.

The Final Abortion Performed by the Pro-Life Movement: I would love to see the abortion industry aborted (terminated) in North America and around the world. We should have no rest until 500,000 million people have watched http://180movie.com. The increase of testimonies on the 180 Facebook page have been encouraging other women to open up and share their abortion horror stories, stories that they now wish were just bad dreams. Thankfully many of these women have now turned to their only hope of reconciliation, the cross of Jesus Christ. He is our only hope, the HOPE of the world, and apart from Him not one of us deserve the Love of God. I pray that as you read these stories you will be encouraged to continue to spread the urgent message of 180 Movie to all your friends, family as well as your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ networks.  Together let’s use the 180 Movie and it’s tools to perform an abortion on the Abortion industry itself.

First Abortion Story from Carolyn Silkwood:
“Hi! I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls, a wife of a Soldier, A Veteran of the US Army, and a born-again, blood bought, forgiven Christian. I have had 3 abortions in my past- the first being when I was 15 years old. I took the lives of 3 of my children. There is no excuse or reason that can justify my decision. I regret each one and live with the pain from the choices I made.

My last abortion was when I was in 2006. I was 15 weeks and 6 days according to Planned Parenthood’s calculations (which I know were wrong. I was further along.) The entire process I KNEW I was wrong. That I should turn around, but I thought it was too late. See I was so far along they had to dilate my cervix to kill the baby. I later found out the even after the first day its not too late.

When they did the ultrasound I asked to see the picture. She said that they aren’t allowed to do that. One might wonder why? Well it is in that moment that that baby becomes real. You SEE a life, a baby moving on that screen, and even if just a still picture…you see YOUR BABY.

It has been laid upon my heart to do whatever I can to help save others from these experiences and the same pain. To save their unborn children. To stand in the gap for them and pray without ceasing for their lives. To pray for God to save America and end abortion.

After feeling God telling me to start a local chapter of Bound 4 LIFE I cried. I cried remembering all the pain- emotionally and some physically. I cried remembering all the thoughts, the smells, the sounds, the voices of those around me, and the cold heartless way of them leading you to believe that you have no other choice or that the other choices are wrong for you no matter what.

I cried and I thanked God for allowing me to remember those things. Because it is with those memories I can relate, I can share, and I can pray to protect them.

If I can use my pain and regret (though forgiven by our Heavenly Father) to stop just one woman from taking the life of her baby then all the time and energy I put into this chapter is well worth it. I am so blessed to be able to stand in agreement in prayer with you all.

Thank you for all you all are doing w/ the 180 Movie to share the truth. May God bless you this day & for all your days.

With sisterly love in Christ-


Second Abortion Story from Lisa M. Bortman Walline:
“Here goes… In 1984 I killed my unborn child, I did so again several years later. You, who have never made this choice, will never know the pain, emptiness, and self loathing that results from this act of murder. I place before the public my sin. What Planned Parent Hood does not tell you when you sign on the bottom line is this….You are one of many, we don’t give (care) about your emotional well being. We do care if you have the funds. Line up, put on your gown, oh and if you want to be unconscious that will be extra. You are taken in a room mildly sedated or fully sedated, they painfully dilate you place an instrument inside your body and savagely extricate your unborn child. Upon rousing from anesthesia or sedatives they hurriedly ask you to leave. Every woman I encountered was speechless, and morose.”

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~Shane Martin

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